Manufacturing at MRT – How We Get from Order to Delivery in 5 Working Days

  • 5th May 2023
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Minera Roof Trusses are renowned for their nationwide 5 day delivery service. Given that our competitors lead times can stretch up to 10 weeks, it’s no surprise that we receive a fair amount of questions about how we achieve this consistently throughout the industry’s busiest times of year. This month we’re feeling generous and thought we’d let you in on our manufacturing process which will guarantee your order to site within 5 working days.

Once we receive confirmation of your order the 5 day countdown in the office and factory begins. You can read more about how to order with us here.

Attention to detail is key at Minera Roof Trusses so once your order is confirmed, the project undergoes a final quality control check to review all details before being sent to ‘The Wall’ in the factory ready to be processed.

At this point, technical data including timber lengths and the angles of each cut is transferred to the saw and production begins. The required timber is selected from stock. All timber is double checked upon selection for any major defects such as twists or bows. A moisture reading is also taken to ensure it is within the approved limits.

The timber is cut and a primary truss is produced to the specific dimensions of the truss design. The primary truss is then used as a master for other trusses within the roof design. This ensures accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. We are highly experienced in designing and manufacturing all styles of roof trusses. Whether it be a standard Duo Pitch Truss or a Polynesian Hip Truss, no project is too complicated for our skilled team.

Once complete, the timbers are assembled using our multi-head pressing table or gantry system. Metal connector plates are strategically positioned at joint points and hydraulically pressed to ensure the structural soundness of the truss. This is an extremely important part of the process as many people believe that they are hammered together on-site but this is not the case. Markers are used to position the plates. The tolerance of plate positions are only millimetres, so accuracy is absolutely critical. The pressing process ensures that the trusses have a metal connector plate on both sides of each joint and takes into consideration how the load will be distributed across the truss and the specific weight bearing points.

Depending on the size and complexity of your order, the production of the roof trusses may still be underway on Day 3. In addition to production, materials such as metal work, bracing and loose timber will be selected and stored for delivery.

Any loose timber would also undergo treatment if necessary. We only use timber of the highest quality that has been sustainably sourced. We are very aware of the importance of treating the timber before manufacture commences, which is why we have an onsite treatment facility ensuring our timber is treated with preservatives to protect it against insect attack. For more information on how we treat timber head here or have a read of our latest timber treatment news story here.

Once we have completed our final checks as part of our stringent quality control process your order is then stored in the yard on our storage racks ready to be loaded for delivery. A member of our office team will contact the client to confirm an allocated slot for delivery of the project on site and confirm whether assistance will be available on site if required.

We are extremely proud of our fleet of delivery vehicles. They vary in size and functionality (from a load perspective) to ensure that we can always select the most appropriate vehicle for purpose. We have been known to deliver trusses to the most awkward of locations thanks to our versatility and the forethought of our delivery team. Once the most suitable vehicle is selected, the trusses are carefully loaded into position on the bed of the wagon. We can deliver to almost any destination across the UK, some trusses can travel hundreds of miles so our strict safety checks to ensure projects are loaded and secured correctly for the journey ahead are extremely important.

An early start from our delivery team will ensure your order arrives on site to schedule. We always inform our customers when they place the order if any specialist equipment will be required to unload the trusses, for example, large heavy trusses will sometimes require a crane on site to assist with the unloading.

One exceptional benefit to our roof trusses are that they are easy to install! A variety of our trusses can be installed using a ‘cassette’ system which enables the trusses to be braced together on the ground and then lifted into place as one unit. This not only improves site safety, but also vastly reduces installation time whilst minimising manual lifting.

So now you know how Minera Roof Trusses manages orders to delivery in just 5 working days by using an efficient manufacturing process. If you would like to contact us to arrange a site measure, a quote or you have any queries with your delivery then please contact us here.

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