Why Roof Truss Price Comparison is a Tricky Business

  • 7th July 2023
  • Company Updates

Whether you’re an experienced builder or a first time self-builder, our customers all have one thing in common – they want quality products with thorough and well thought out plans for a reasonable price. Some may say it’s a bit of a wanting to have your cake AND eat it scenario but we like to think it’s something we achieve consistently at Minera Roof Trusses for our customers all alongside our 5 day delivery service nationwide. For that reason, we take a moment to (without hesitation) address a subject that many in the industry would happily avoid – the nitty gritty of price comparison.

Starting with the basics – anyone approaching their build project comprehensively would look to acquire at least two if not three quotes per item that they need. It can be time consuming but it makes logical sense to do your homework before committing to items such as floor joists and trusses.

If you’re yet to have the pleasure of seeing how we work and are coming to us for the first time, we would like to step in here and offer a key piece of advice to you when gathering said quotes. Please do not only take into consideration the price that is written in bold black letters at the bottom right of your quotes sheet.

The reason for this is that unfortunately, you’re not able to rely on the fact that each quote will be ‘like for like’. All too often we see it – a customer has received a quote from a competitor and they may be slightly less in comparison. Who would you want to go with? At first glance, you’d be a fool not to say the competitor that is going to keep the £100 or so in your back pocket, right? Well, sadly not. Feedback shows that customers have experienced many companies not including ALL of the costs up front and so customers are faced with having already placed an order and no other alternative than to stump up the cash for ‘additional extras’ that they were not notified of in the quotes stage – bit of a raw deal if you ask us!

Sadly, we see this too often and it’s made worse when we know that we include in our quotes as standard what others are trying to package to you as ‘additional extras’. In fact, we like to be as transparent as possible and recently added a page to our roof trusses section which details exactly what we consider when providing you with an overall cost for your quote.

I guess the message here is that if we have quoted a job for you, be it for joists, trusses or both then you can be assured that we have taken time to properly review your plans and consider the best possible design for your build. If we think your build would suit an alternative solution than what has been requested then we will tell you – we often eliminate the need for steel in our customers’ builds and their associated hefty costs. You can check out a perfect example of this in a recent case study of ours.

A project we recently completed in Tarporley where our customers were happy that we could eliminate the need for steel beams and their associated costs.


In addition, if you’ve received a quote from another company and would like our advice on it then please do get in touch. It may be that they’ve designed it differently to us or we hate to say it – could have missed something. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if we’ve taken the time to quote a design for you then we would love you to choose us based on our expert advice.


All in all, if you’ve received multiple quotes and would like a hand in getting to the bottom of the differences between the quotes and what’s included then get in touch – we’re a friendly bunch!

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