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Roof Trusses & Joists

Shapes & Profiles

Roof Trusses (aka Trussed rafters) come in many shapes and sizes and the following profiles will help designers / Architects / engineers to prepare an economic and practical scheme.

Please be aware that the listing below is not exhaustive and many truss profiles can be modified i.e. cantilevered, part-profiled etc Please consult our design office for further information and technical advice if required.

Kingpost Roof Trusses
The Kingpost truss shape is suitable for spans upto 4.5 meters. Used primarily in house and garage construction.
Queenpost Roof Trusses
The Queenpost truss shape is suitable for spans upto 6 meters. Domestic type structures.
Fink Roof Trusses
The Fink truss shape is suitable for spans upto 11 meters. The most commonly used truss shape easily accomodates a water tank should it be required.
Fan Roof Trusses
The Fan truss shape spans upto 16 meters. Used primarily in commercial buildings & large domestic dwelling.
Double W Roof Trusses
The Double W spans upto 16 meters. Used primarily in commercial buildings and domestic dwelling.
Raised Tie Roof Trusses
The Raised Tie truss shape can be applied to any internal web structure to provide a special architectural detail inside of your room or to give extra headroom.
Attic Roof Trusses
The Attic Truss shape "Room in Roof Truss" is a simple means of providing a structural roof and floor as one complete section.
Scissor Roof Trusses
The Scissor truss shape has a sloping bottom chord, These can provide extra headroom . The difference between the top and bottom pitch is generally 15 degrees.
Modified Scissor Roof Trusses
The Modified Scissor truss shape shares the same detail as the Scissor truss but introduces a flat section to the ceiling.
Mono Roof Trusses
The Mono truss can be used in several situations ranging from lean to roofs, hipped end roofs, spanning onto fire walls or used back to back onto a central corridor wall.
Hip Roof Trusses
The Hip Truss shape is most commonly used in the hipped roof construction but can also be used for roofs where a flat roof is required or for reduction in height for planning requirement.
Lattice Roof Trusses
The Lattice Truss shape can be used in various situations. For infilling large attic sections around dormers and stairs or for flat roofs.


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