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Bespoke Roof Trusses

High quality roof truss manufacturers

As roof truss manufacturers we supply pre-fabricated trussed rafters, spanning up to 16 metres, and individual sections up to 4.5 metres high that can be used in the construction of roofs of any shape or size. Our roof trusses are all manufactured using the highest quality products by our dedicated team of professionals to ensure premium customer service. We are specialists in our field having been in operation since 1977. During this time, in excess of a million timber trusses have been designed, manufactured and transported to all parts of the U.K.

We understand that every build is different and as a result, different roof truss types of varying shape and sizes are required. All of our trusses are made to measure and we are used to catering for extremely complex types of roof truss design. Be assured that we can help you with your project no matter the size, how detailed it may be or how quickly you require delivery – we maintain lead times of as little as 5 days from manufacture through to delivery.

Our manufactured roof trusses are supplied with structural calculations that will meet building control regulation and our detailed plans include layout drawings, individual truss drawings and details on structural infill timber and any builder’s metalwork that is required.

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Here is a time-lapse video of our roof trusses and gable panels being assembled over a few weeks by our client, DMR, at their site in Wrexham, North Wales. (Music: A Human Being by Andy G. Cohen.)

Our services include:

Full Roof Designs

Collateral Warranties

Feasibility studies

Friendly advice

Minera Roof Trusses production plants use tried and trusted machinery for high levels of accuracy and reliability, aided by a Quality Assurance scheme.

You can request a quote, right now, using our on-line Roof Truss Quotation Form. Once complete the form is sent directly to our Design Team, and we aim to dispatch your quote as soon as possible.

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