Queen Post Roof Trusses

A queen post roof truss is considered the next step in the progression on from king post trusses, in that they are able to span to greater distances. The main distinguishing feature of a queen roof truss is that it has two additional diagonal webs set out from the base of the central vertical, whereas a king post has just a single central post.

These additional diagonal webs allow for extra load bearing capacity as well as an increase in span capability, allowing spans of up to 5.5 metres. This extra support and functionality mean a queen truss is the ideal choice for extensions and small to medium domestic builds.

Queen post truss design and benefits

In basic terms, a queen post roof truss is a pitched roof supporting truss, using two internal diagonal members to support the tie beam. Queen post trusses consist of the following parts and components:
two rafters

Queen post trusses can be supplied in both 35mm and 46mm depth of TR26 grade timber which meets with all BSEN 1995-1-1 guidelines. While they’re efficient and effective when used correctly, queen trusses are best used for specific applications. For example, if the associated rafter exceeds 84mm depth, it might be more economical to supply your design in an alternative truss type such as a fink truss.

Each time a truss increases the amount of timber webs it becomes possible for that truss to withstand greater weight loading and/or to span a greater distance.

Because queen posts are simple in design, they don’t put any weight or load on the centre of the tie beam, unlike king post trusses. They’re also a cost-effective option and area-effective fit for a wide range of roof sizes.

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Queen post truss FAQs

Why choose Minera Roof Trusses?

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What are the advantages of using queen post trusses?

Queen post trusses are known for their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. They can span moderate distances, making them suitable for various building projects including extensions.

Are queen post trusses suitable for all types of roofs?

Queen post trusses are versatile and can be used for various roof types, including gable roofs and hip roofs. However, how well they suit a design may depend on factors such as the roof span, load requirements, and the specific design considerations of the building. Our team can help with roof truss recommendations for any project.

How far can a queen post truss span?

Queen post trusses are effective for moderate span lengths, typically ranging from around 4 to 5.5 metres. The exact span length suitability may depend on factors such as the load requirements, local building codes, and the specific design of the truss.

What is the difference between king post and queen post trusses?

King post trusses feature a single central vertical post (king post), ideal for shorter spans. In contrast, queen post trusses have two extra diagonal webs (queen posts) on either side of the centre, providing added stability and capacity for longer spans. The choice between them depends on factors like span length, architectural preferences, and load-bearing requirements of the structure.

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