Roof Truss Prices

Roof Truss Pricing

Roof Truss prices can vary hugely depending on the complexity of the truss, so it goes without saying that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ scenario in providing you with a cost for your build. If you need a quotation or an idea of pricing, then please visit our online quotation page, and we’ll get to work on a price specifically calculated for your build. for your needs. Despite that, roof trusses of a complex nature are an area that we excel in at Minera Roof Trusses.

A full rundown of the items that we take into consideration when providing you with a quote are as follows:

The Span of the Truss

The Span of the Truss

The span is the distance between the outside edges of the two supporting wallplates. This usually forms the overall length of the ceiling tie on a truss. The larger the span the bigger the timbers will need to be to meet regulation and support the roof.

The Pitch of the Truss

The Pitch of the Truss

The pitch of a roof truss is the angle of the rafter from the horizontal ceiling tie, measured in degrees. The steeper the pitch the longer the timber of the top chord will need to be to meet the required angle.

The Truss Type

The Truss Type

You may need a standard truss, attic truss or you may opt for a raised tie truss, all of these are considerations and will impact on the design time in the office. We have the full low down on the types of roof trusses we can supply for your reference.

Quality of Trusses

Quantity of Trusses

The quantity of trusses you will require will be dictated by the length of the roof we are catering for. Depending on the size of your building you may need more or less trusses with bigger or smaller centres (space between the trusses), this will have a pro rata impact on your truss quote.

The Metalwork Required

The Metalwork Required

At Minera Roof Trusses we ensure that our roof truss quotations cover all bases so there aren’t any nasty additional accessory costs at the end – therefore all metal work such as joist hangers, truss clips and stability bracing is included in your quote and isn’t considered an ‘add on’.

Treatment of the Trusses

You may choose to have your trusses treated to protect them from insect attack. In some areas of South East England the treatment of timber is compulsory due to the risk of House Longhorn Beetle. Please consult your local council for more information on your area.

The Design Time Involved

After confirmation of your quote, designs go through further stringent quality control checks and all measurements are reviewed by our Production Department before progressing to our factory to be made.


We’re located in a lovely village called Minera in Wrexham, North Wales and have the luxury of our own wagon fleet which enables us to deliver nationwide within 5 working days from order to your door step. All delivery costs are included in your quotation so again, there are no hidden extras to be added after you order.

Floor Joists

We supply metal web joists which just like our trusses are super speedy to install with no onsite alterations required. Getting your trusses and joists at the same time will mean quicker progress is made on site, cost savings on delivery and quicker delivery times (we offer 5 day delivery nationwide). There are many more benefits which you may have a read through.

Addition of Roof Windows

Adding sources of light can hugely impact the feel of your space. If you’ve chosen attic trusses you may also like to add in roof windows to your design. We supply both Keylite and Velux and can incorporate these into the quote as per your specification.

The Floor Loading Requirement for Attic Trusses

Whether you need your space to be suitable for residential or commercial loading, we will ensure all timbers specified will be compliant with building regulations. Unless specified, we will assume residential loading feasibility is required.

The Roof Tile Type

The type of tile you choose and its associated weighting impacts on the type of timber we will use for your build. Unless you specify your tile type at initial contact we will base your quote on a concrete interlocking tile. This will later be confirmed with you and timbers reviewed if necessary.

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