Tip Top Timber Treatment

Tip Top Timber Treatment

Benefits of using Timber in Construction

Timber has a long standing reputation in the roof truss industry as the trusted source of strength and stability for builds. This is because timber is a natural composite of cellulose fibres that are strong in tension and embedded in a matrix of lignin that resists compression. In fact, timber has in cases been found to be stronger than structural steel, non-reinforced concrete, aluminium and masonry. 

Its great appeal of use in roof construction derives from the fact it contains air pockets within its structure which work as a natural thermal insulator. Qualities such as being environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable are all added benefits of timber. At Minera Roof Trusses, we go one step further and ensure our timber is sustainably sourced from managed forests. 

The Protim Double Vacuum Treatment Process 

Below is a quick illustration to how Minera Roof Trusses treat our timber with Kopper’s Protim E406 preservative:

The Risks of Insect Attack 

The heightened necessity for preserved timber has risen due to increasing incidents of wood boring insects such as the House Longhorn beetle. Mandatory protection is already specified in Building Regulations Approved Document A for the use of soft wood in all construction in the South East of England. The table below defines all areas where treatment is mandatory:

Table supplied from: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/429060/BR_PDF_AD_A_2013.pdf

The beetle feeds on the sapwood of soft wood roofing timbers and eventually bores exit holes. Once exit holes are visible there is usually extensive damage inside the timber where in many cases there can be very little timber left inside the beam. This process of structural deterioration caused by insect attack is rapid and highly hazardous. 

In essence, Protim is a cost effective and worthwhile investment when considering the potential expense that may arise in future remedial treatments or refurbishment if timber is left untreated. 


Whether it is roof trusses or metal web joists you require, you can be assured that Minera Roof Trusses can supply you with high quality timber and timber treatments that are reinforced to last. Please do enquire with one of our designers if you require further advice on this subject. 

For more information regarding our treatment facilities click here.

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