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10 Benefits of Metal Web Joists

Minera Roof Trusses made the leap to supplying Metal Web Joists over 8 years ago and are happy to say, have never looked back. Today, we share our reasons as to just why we love them so much. If you hadn’t yet considered using metal web joists in your build, you may find a reason or ten here.

  1. Increased Span

    Due to their increased strength, builders benefit from greater flexibility in their spans. Effectively, they can achieve longer spans whilst potentially avoiding the necessity of load bearing internal walls which in turn can reduce the overall cost of build.

  2. Waste Reduction

    Metal Web Joists are manufactured to size in house and so on site alterations are not required.

  3. Open Web Design Saves Time

    An open web structure allows plenty of space for services which eliminates the need for drilling or notching, the trades love them! This structure can also accommodate larger services such as Mechanical Heat Ventilation Recovery systems. Timber I-joists do come with pre-stamped pop-out holes but these are very rarely in the right position.

  4. Speed of Installation

    As previously mentioned, there are no on site alterations which also allow for speed of installation.

  5. Environmentally Friendly

    All of Minera Roof Trusses’ timber is sustainably sourced. Further to this, Metal Web Joists use less timber than I-Joists, impacting positively on the environment.

  6. Lightweight

    Despite their robust design, Metal Web Joists are lightweight making them easier to handle on site. This can save builders the expense of hiring a crane on site to install them.

  7. Sound Performance

    The addition of rigid strong backs (timber beams which act as a secondary support to the Metal Web Joists) can reduce vibration and therefore improve sound performance. This would not be possible to implement with traditional joists.

  8. Long-term Stability

    The Metal Web Joists contain less prefabricated timber and so retain little water after production. This results in reduced risk of shrinkage and ultimately allows for greater stability.

  9. Larger Working Surface Area

    A larger bearing surface area allows for easier fixing of flooring and ceiling materials.

  10. Improved Air Tightness

    Metal Web Joists can be designed top hung eliminating the need for a rim board, consequently improving air tightness and reducing thermal bridging.

We thrive on offering our customers premium products at the forefront of our industry that can fulfil your needs in the simplest, most time efficient and cost effective way. Although we are based in the North West area, we specialise in delivering our roof trusses and metal web joists nationwide in just 5 days from your order confirmation. For more information on our metal web joists visit: our floor joists page or contact us at our offices on 01978 758869.

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