Online 3D Project Viewer

We hope that the following 3 dimensional drawing can be of use to yourselves for help in visualising your project with Minera Roof Trusses. Using high resolution scanning and lighting techniques we can show you how your project will look. You can rotate through and around the building and also zoom in and out.

Please note that this is only valid for the design Minera has put together for yourselves. From time to time, the rendering software can produce a few anomalies which our designers may discuss or point out to you. Also after a while the model link may have expired and will need to be regenerated by your designer.

The following 3D file is a demonstration model ONLY. This shows what we can provide you for your project.

infoLaserQuest | Widnes
SpaceJoists & Roof Trusses
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MRT 3D View Navigation Controls
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Our roof trusses & metal web joists have been used in all kinds of projects

You can view their 3D drawings below by clicking the links.

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