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Floor Joists UK

Installation Guides

Installation within a Joist system

Minera’s metal web joists – the solution to installing MVHR into your building without returning to the drawing board. Our metal web joists (also referred to as Space Joist | Floor Joist | EcoJoist | Posi-Joist | Easi-Joist) are specially designed with a central metal web structure allowing for ease of access for trades whilst not compromising on strength. This is successfully used in all forms of construction, whether domestic, commercial or retail in the floor or in the roof as the benefits of overall build time surpasses all other systems when taking into account the follow-on trades.

SpaceJoist Metal Web Floor Installation

Please note: All metal work required for basic installation is quoted for and supplied with your order. This includes metal connectors, strong back bracing and any additional timbers.

In cases where 2 ply joists are required due to floor loadings, these are screwed together in house and arrive on site as one unit.

Our joists are always labelled with ‘TOP’ to show which way up the joists should be installed. Please see our illustration below for more guidance or refer to the Space Joist installation guide.

Correct Way

Floor Joists UK

Incorrect Way

Floor Joists UK

Span Tables

Tables for domestic floor loading (based on TR26 timber). Subject to dimension changes for staircase openings.

We are frequently asked by customers, “What is the maximum span that can be achieved with the minimum depth?” We have included this diagram for guideline purposes based on a domestic floor loading. Please note that all designs should be confirmed by a member of our team as there are some circumstances for example, office floor loadings or the installation of a staircase which can affect these guideline spans.

You can read more about the many benefits of metal web joists by clicking here but one being that they have large open spaces for services to feed through. We’re often asked what size the pipes need to be and have given a guide for your reference below. This varies depending on whether your pipes are circular, rectangular or square in shape. It’s important to note that metal web joists must not be cut, drilled or notched as this may impact negatively on their structural durability.

Floor Joists UK
Depth Circular Rectangular Square Max Height
195 120 73 - 208 107 125
219 120 75 - 210 105 125
254 154 97 - 208 133 158
304 192 121 - 215 155 209
375 252 180 - 283 204 285
425 265 178 - 264 212 330

Dimensions shown in mm. These dimensions include a 3mm clearance. Dimensions are approximate as discrepancies may occur in manufacture.

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