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Floor Joists - The Benefits

Floor joists designed, manufactured and delivered to site within 5 working days but the benefits don’t stop there! Read on to discover why you should be choosing Minera Roof Trusses floor joists for your project.

As one of the first roof truss fabricators to establish an engineering design department at the truss plant, tight quality control methods were introduced over 15 years ago and this enabled Minera Roof Trusses to undertake complex roof projects working with architects and engineers on various schemes.

This has now been extended to our engineered floor joist department and with the investment of high tech manufacturing equipment, which enables the delivery of your engineered floor joists to site in 5 WORKING DAYS in the UK.

Please find below a brief summary of why you should choose our engineered floor joist system with the open metal web over traditional joists and I Joists.

  • Environmentally friendly - Uses less timber than traditional floor joists.
  • Open web system gives almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services, which eliminates unauthorised drilling/notching and a reduction/elimination of surface run pipework. Ideal for MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery
  • 72/97mm wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor deck and ceiling.
  • Engineered and manufactured by Minera Roof Trusses to exact site measurements which reduces site wastage
  • Minimal shrinkage or swelling which reduces noise in the floor zone, i.e. SQUEAKS.
  • As two thirds of the joist is removed and replaced with a high density galvanised metal plate, they are of a lightweight construction, easier to handle on site.
  • Easier to handle on site. Erection of Metal Web Joist (Space Joist | Floor Joist | EcoJoist | Posi-Joist | Easi-Joist) in approximately 50% of the time required for traditional floor joists.
  • The Metal Web Joist can be top chord supported meaning that only 97 x 47mm of timber will be inserted into your brickwork wall helping noise requirements as less timber is present, and top chord supported is also useful for support on top of timber beams or timber lintels
  • A viable alternative to concrete floors for flat and office developments
  • Can be preservative treated in our factory to prolong timber life and to prevent insect attack, unlike our other engineered floor product
  • As the product is fully engineered, structural calculations can be handed to your building inspector at your Local Authority

Please note: Our full calculations can be used for LA control as they include vibration and deflection checks compliant with Euro Code. This is not possible with traditional joists.

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