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Bespoke Roof Trusses

Joist Seals

New guidelines advise that previous practices of building timber joists directly into the brickwork of a building are no longer advisable at the shrinkage that occurs in both the timber and the mortar can allow air to leak into the cavity. Joist hangers are an alternative solution however they difficult to fit and cumbersome and can lead to squeaky, springy floors. Minera Roof Trusses Joist Seals are excellent at securing your floor joists to the structure of your build with no air leakage.

How it Works

The joist seal sits over the end of your joist before being built into the brickwork in the traditional method. As the joist seal doesn’t shrink the bond between the brick work and the joist seal is not effected should the timber joist within the joist seal shrink ensuring a full seal and no air leakage.

The joists are manufactured from translucent polypropylene to allow for a clear view of the joist resting on the blockwork for inspection purposes.


  • Easy to install – substantial time savings on site during build process
  • Air leakage compliant – in-line with Building Regulations Part L
  • Suitable for traditional joists as well as engineered floor joists
Bespoke Roof Trusses

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