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Bespoke Roof Trusses

Bolts & Nails

It is essential that the correct fixing method and materials are used when securing your trusses or joists into position.

Twist-Nails are helical fixings that fasten timber battens, frames, wallplates and door linings to brick and block with no need to plug and screw. When fixing to Aircrete (Celeon, Thermalite, Ytong etc.) there is not even a need to pre-drill.

The benefits of using twisted nails is all down to their unique shape. The slim cross section alleviates timber-splitting and offers a secure mechanical interlock anchorage, which exerts no expansive crushing stress unto the brickwork, block or Aircrete. Therefore, loads are evenly spread along the full length of the helical fastener, providing reliability of performance.

Twisted nails are ideal for battening-out when dry-lining or insulating solid walls, fixing door casings and securing timber tile battens to masonry.

We can supply you with the following nails and bolts for your installation:

  • 30mm Twisted Nails - used for all metalwork relating to trusses.
  • Bolts - Variety of sizes for use in line with Building Regulations.

Please contact us directly for more details.

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