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  Glulam Trusses and Glulam Beams  
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Glulam is the generic term for a precisely engineered timber component. It is manufactured by bonding together a number of timber boards to form a structural component of great strength and dimensional stability.

A steel beam which has the equivalent performance of a softwood glulam beam requires six times the energy cost to produce. A comparable reinforced concrete beam requires five times the energy cost.

When you consider the pollutant by products of these processes, glulam becomes even more environmentally friendly. A glulam beam may be 20% lighter than a steel beam, and up to 600% lighter than a concrete beam of equal strength.

Its fire performance is predictable because timber chars at a slow and known rate (40mm per hour for European Whitewood) and, more importantly, it retains its structural integrity. Timber, and the adhesives used in glulam production, have a remarkable resistance to chemical attack. As well as swimming pool halls, it is often the preferred structural material for salt barns, water treatment plants, and other similar structures. The insulation properties of timber eliminate the risk of cold-bridging through the structure, which helps reduce fuel bills.

With good maintenance, its life is unlimited when correctly installed. Our gallery pictures are a couple of glulam applications that we may be able to provide a quotation on for you if you have the correct information that you require.

Due to the extra work involved in producing glulam quotations and the manufacturing process, these products are not covered in our 5 working day delivery schedule.

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Delivery Schedule Update
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