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Floor Joists UK

Metal Web Joists

(Space Joist | Floor Joist | EcoJoist | Posi-Joist | Easi-Joist)

Our metal web joists are high quality, affordable & eco-friendly. At Minera Roof Trusses we are always evolving to satisfy the requirements of an ever changing market whilst operating within a constantly developing industry. For over 40 years, we have been at the forefront of our market, both in terms of supplying professional products and providing our customers with the highest quality of service.

Alongside our Roof and Attic Trusses we supply our premier joist product: the Metal Web Joist (also known as Space Joist | Floor Joist | EcoJoist | Posi-Joist | Easi-Joist). These are ideal for floors or flat and mono-pitched roofs which can be used in domestic, industrial and commercial installations.

We work in partnership with ITW Construction Products, a leading manufacturer and specialist of builder’s metalwork and offsite fabrication solutions. Minera Roof Trusses share their drive and passion in offering differentiation through service and innovation where providing a significantly improved alternative to traditional joists is key to what we do.

ITW Construction

Metal Web Joists combine the lightweight attribute of timber and strength of steel to form an open web structure. Delivered manufactured to site, this allows for ease of installation and increased strength in comparison to traditional methods. They have advanced on their ability to offer a comprehensive range of depths and cater for greater flexibility with spans.

With traditional floor joists, sizes of 225 x 50 or 225 x 75mm are used. With an Engineered Floor Joist - Metal Web Joists (Space Joist | Floor Joist | EcoJoist | Posi-Joist | Easi-Joist), the only timber that is used is 97 x 47mm or 72 x 47mm. The floor depth can still be 219mm deep, but the key difference is that the middle of the web is not made from timber, but actually consists of a V shape Metal Web. Thus reducing the amount of timber used in your project whilst also having the advantage of assisting trades when installing cabling and piping.

Metal Web Joists have quickly become established within the industry as a preferred option as customers’ requirements have become increasingly ambitious and complex with their self-build projects. We have supplied joists for extensions such as orangeries and sun lounges all the way up to “Grand Designs,” you can see our project in the Malvern Hills here. They have been designed with the trades in mind, aiming to make builders, electricians and plumbers’ jobs that bit easier!

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