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attic trussesIf your roof design has the headroom, Minera Attic Trusses (Room In The Roof) are an ideal way to increase the habitable area of a house, or improve storage area.

Attic trusses are manufactured in a similar way to standard trusses but we design them to include for domestic floor loadings and create the section for the room, and so normally have larger timber sections starting at 150mm deep which takes into account regulations regarding insulation and ventilation air gap.

You can read more about the sizes of timber used in the construction of attic roof trusses by following this link.

This is of course leads to an increase in price over standard roof trusses, but even with this price increase taken into account, room in the roof trusses remain one of the most economic ways to add space to a building.

Attic Trusses come to site in one solid component, so there is no need to construct the roof and rafter levels separately. Once you confirm your order, we can get them to you in 5 working days.


The above three photographs show three different projects each featuring attic roof trusses. Whether it be for a bedroom or a study, why not make use of that extra space above your heads and have extra accomodation.

So, you are interested in gaining extra room/s in your attic loft space. At this point, you may also wish to consider adding a few rooflights, or maybe even a dormer. Perhaps a feature of a walkout dormer where your dormer roof projects past the room vertical of your attic roof truss.

This will all add extra light into your room/s and give extra height in low rooms where perhaps you may position a toilet or a bath for example in the bathroom.

We will need to take account of the positioning of these elements when carrying out your complete attic roof truss design.

Another factor that we need to know about would be the position of your staircase. Preferably it is better for the staircase to run parallel with the attic roof trusses and not across then, but if that cannot be achieved, then we will try our best to design but it is easier to construct an opening of 1000mm for a staircase, than it is to construct for say 3000mm.
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The above three photographs show the correct way of planning your attic room space upstairs using attic trusses (room in the roof). The available attic room space is shown shaded. The top picture indicates the central area that is your available loft space. Ideally dormer windows should be lined up in the front and back of the building.

We would also like to know if you have an idea of how much room width you require in your attic loft space. Please note the room width required can dramatically alter the price.

attic dormer trussesOur experienced and qualified engineers will design even the trickiest of various shaped roofs, taking into account staircases, dormers and rooflights.

Also Minera Roof Trusses can supply your complete package which will include Attic Trusses, standard trusses, dormer trusses (on request) and all loose timber infills to dormer, keylite roof windows and staircase sections. Add to that all the required stability bracing and metalwork hangers and clips. For an extra charge you can have all your timber pressure treated in our specialised treatment plant and purchase cut end preservative tins for touching up the ends of any timber cut on site.

For a free quotation, please contact us or you can fill in an online quotation form and we will send back a quotation as soon as possible.


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